Maximilian Fischer

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About Me


I'm Maximilian Fischer, also known as getmyisland, a programmer skilled in Java, C# and C++.

I started programming with Unity and C# at the end of 2020, but soon started to expand my knowledge by creating websites with Gatsby and Discord bots using Python.

I spend most of my free time developing video games about things that interest me. But I do have other hobbies too, and the things I enjoy most include visiting medieval castles and festivals, as well as trail running and playing video games.

SCP: Observer

C# Unity

A game about a maintenance technician trying to survive a containment breach of highly dangerous SCP entities. By managing the remaining power supply and checking security cameras for threats, you may survive until help arrives.

It was developed using the Unity game engine and it's a combination of Five Nights at Freddy's and SCP: Containment Breach . Multiple languages, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud and Steam Workshop are supported.

SCP: Observer Security Room Screenshot SCP: Observer Testroom Screenshot
palmx getting started Screenshot palmx fps Screenshot


C++ CMake OpenGL Git

An open source game library that emulates the limitations of the PlayStation 1. A lot of inspiration was drawn from raylib, a simple, lightweight open source library.

Some of the features include:

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Native downscaling to 320x240
    (yes it's a feature)
  • Vertex/polygon jittering
  • Texture warping